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Acorns Mobile Trading App:

With a portfolio of ETFs from up to seven asset classes and an expense ratio average of 0.10%, Acorn’s mobile platform has made the younger generation efficient in making investments with small amounts.

This app has gained the reputation of demystifying the complicated and most intimidating process of investment for newly turned traders. You can invest as little as $5 into recurring investments or one-time investments when you have more amount.

Features and Advantages

  • Found Money; a feature that allows you to shop smartly while using your debit card by saving and investing the spare change on your behalf.
  • Get necessary knowledge and the best money advice about forex trading.
  • Invest in diversified portfolios
  • Maximize returns as your dividends get reinvested automatically by the app’s interface, according to the market shifts.
  • Get updates regarding prices and stocks and withdraw your profits anytime at nil charges.
  • Created by an economist and winner of the Nobel prize, the app is secured with 256-bit encryption.


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