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 thinkorswim: Mobile Trading App With a Learning Center

One of the popular apps for mobile trading, the thinkorswim trading desktop platform, started as an independent product but was bought by TD Ameritrade in 2009. Now, it is available to be downloaded on Apple and Android mobile devices.

Features and Advantages

  • Features available on the desktop can be found on the mobile app
  • Access to the Trade Architect platform from TD Ameritrade that is designed for amateur traders
  • Has educational resources comprising a learning center, instructional videos, and online courses
  • Can connect with other traders using chat rooms to share trading strategies and tips
  • PaperMoney; a virtual account that allows traders to test out strategies
  • Can finance their accounts and watch streaming news from their smartphones.
  • Free access to features like stock scanners, data streaming, technical studies, and research reports. (These features are available as premium features in other platforms)

Essentially, thinkorswim mobile trading app gives a tough competition to other players in the market even if it is priced higher than others.


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