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  • We’ve practiced this place a few occasions throughout this exercise, however allow us to see the best way to do it correctly.
  • Together with your palms flat onto the ground earlier than you increase your physique excessive over the bottom.
  • Relaxation your ft shoulder-width aside and keep in your toes.
  • Be sure your physique makes a straight line, and your neck is in a traditional place as you look straight on the floor.
  • Maintain this place for 30 seconds with out shedding your posture or dipping your shoulders.


  • Lay down in your again earlier than lifting your palms over your head in a straight line.
  • Keep a decent posture whereas doing this place.
  • Now along with your toes pointing upwards, elevate each your legs up within the air whereas concurrently bringing your palms ahead and attempt to contact your ft.
  • Transfer again into your preliminary place on the bottom to finish one rep.
  • Proceed this movement for 30 seconds earlier than resting.

That is all for this super-intensive exercise that may be carried out with no tools. Are you motivated to do that out and at last get your physique into the form that you simply all the time desired it to be?

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